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What We offer

Plastic injection molding

Custom plastic parts produced by plastic injection molding, which are suitable for complex plastic parts with complex contours or structures.


Plastic Extrusion

Plastic extruded profiles, tubes, bars, LED shades, PC profile customization services, plastic extrusion products for PC, PP, ABS, PVC, PMMA, AS / PE materials


latest product

Focus on the latest products made by plastic injection molding and plastic extrusion



Prototype Design

Customers design the drawing or 3D prototype, usually make prototype with 3D printing to validate product assembly.

Mold Design

After prototype approved, send us to check if can make the mold, if no technic problems,go ahead to design the mold.

Making mold

After mold designed and approved by customer, start to making the mold, generally need about 30days.

Test Samples

Upload the mold on machine to test the samples,and find out any problems at this step.Once samples approved, start running the production.

what we do


Plastic Extrusion

DLLPlASTICS offers extrusion molding services, specializing in extrusion molding for more than 10 years, producing a wide range of plastic pipes and plastic profiles. The products are mainly used for outdoor lampshades, cable sheathing pipes, Decorative strip & Protectivestrips for doors and windows, and sliding rails for furniture, etc.


Plastic Injection Molding

DLLPLASTICS specializes in the injection molding of plastic products, which can produce a variety of simple and complex plastic products, such as plastic machinery parts, electrical parts, plastic daily necessities, plastic furniture parts, plastic toys and so on.


Vertical Injection Molding

The advantages of vertical injection molding are small footprint and fast injection speed, which can ensure the concentricity of the parts. It is especially suitable for the production of small plastic parts and insert molding,such as plastic knob & Cable Connectors.