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Plastic extrusion

Dllplastics –  a plastic extrusion expert from China.

Our factory is specialized in the production of plastic profiles, tubes, rods, belts, strips and other specifications of extrusion processing, has 15 years of successful experience of plastic extrusion custom services, and constantly develop various high-tech extrusion parts and extrusion molds.

At present, the factory has a large number of high-quality talents with pioneering and creative, with modern standard workshops, workshops and warehousing—-using today’s latest extruders and exquisite extrusion molding experience to manufacture molds, provide normal plastic extruding, soft and hard co-extrusion & two-colors co-extrusion services.

We produced plastic extrusion products for all the world, had cooperated with more than 40 Countries & Regions. Products Widely used in household appliances, LED lightings, automotive parts, craft gifts, daily necessities, construction machinery and other industries.

Plastics for extrusion products include PVC, ABS, PE, PP, PS, PMMA, and specially formulated modified engineering plastics.

What is Plastic extrusion ?

Plastic extrusion is a plastic molding process that is one of the important methods of thermoplastic molding. Plastic extrusion is to heat the plastic raw material to make it a viscous flow state. Under the action of pressure, it is formed into a continuous body with a section similar to the shape of the die by extrusion molding, and then cooled and shaped into a fixed shape with fix dimensions, then cutting to required length, and also can do finish machining by punching, drilling, heating & bending, reducing & expanding end mounths.

For example, extrusion molding is carried out by heating and pressurizing a material in an extruder to make it melt flow, and then continuously extruding it from a die, the products named plastic extrusions.

plastic extrusion
Plastic Extrusions

Why choose Dllplastics to produce your plastic extrusion products?

1, Low price – Professional manufacturers with independent sales , no middlemen earn profit.

2, High quality – From the raw material procurement, production management, product testing and other key links to ensure strict control of product quality and win customers trust.

3, Rich experiences provide convenient technical communication.

4, Short mold opening cycle and high production efficiency.

5, Special services such as silk screen printing, water transfer printing, thermal transfer printing, surface embossing, etc.

6, No worries after-sales, we adhere to the “integrity cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win” purpose, to provide customers with a full range of services.