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The future development direction of extruded plastic pipe industry

Postview: 656 Date: July 16, 2019
Plastic extrusion pipes

China’s extruded plastic pipes have been rapidly developed in recent years and now constitute a large-scale plan with an annual output of nearly 2 million tons, which is only second in the world. However, in general, China’s extruded plastic pipe industry is still in its infancy, and its skills and equipment have just been transitioned from the introduction to the imitation. The level of goods and the scale of use are not far from the world. China’s progress from a big plastic tube country to a plastic tube powerhouse also requires the joint efforts of all parties in the plastics industry. So, where will the plastic pipe industry develop in the future?

Top ten hotspots for the future development of the plastics industry:

1. Detection of welding quality of PE pipe

2, reinforced thermoplastic tube RTP

3. Non-excavation laying skills and correction skills

4, laying pipeline skills under the water

5. Modification and orientation of PVC pipe VC-M and PVC-O

6. The pollution-free stabilizer of PVC pipeline system

7, metal reinforced PE layout wall tube

8. Expand the use of cross-linked polyethylene pipe system

9. Development of aluminum-plastic composite pipe

10. Newly constructed drainage system

The extrusion plastics industry is constantly evolving to keep up with the development of the international pipeline industry. There are a lot of topics on the discussion of extruded plastic pipes. It is these topics that promote the rapid development of the plastic pipe industry.

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